Oil takes up 15% of the ingredients. Start with a small amount and adjust accordingly to your hair conditions

Shake well before every use!

  1. Shake well to mix both layers before every use (about 10 shakes)
  2. From a distance of around 5-10cm, spray on your hair
  3. Brush through and let dry, or style with hair dryer



  • Please take precautions if there are any pre-existing skin conditions. 
  • Do not use if there are scratches, swelling or eczema on scalp.
  • Stop use if redness, itch, sensitive skin or discolouring occurs after exposure to sunlight or immediately after application. Consult a dermatologist if this happens. Prolonged use may exacerbate the condition. 
  • Keep away from children. 
  • Avoid storage under direct sunlight, or at extreme high or low temperatures.



Damaged Hair Oil Ceremide


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